EFFORTLESSLY INTERESTING: I doubt it'll ever fly, but this is what the Orion will be doing if it does

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Welcome to "Effortlessly Interesting," our low-impact feature that we throw up to fill space when there's something kinda' snazzy out there that's worth sharing, but at the same time we're not really invested in it.

This time out, we've got some animation from NASA about the Orion Capsule test flights. As with all this stuff, it's worth watching and interesting, but likewise with all NASA stuff for the last decade, it's pretty much heartbreaking since you just know *none* of this is ever gonna' come off. No matter what NASA is doing now, the next administration will knock it over, just like the Obama administration killed Constellation. Sure, congress say's they're gonna' do something about it, but who among us believes that?

We, as a nation, are beached for the forseeable future - a decade at least.

Thus this film of what we might be doing in a year or so if we *weren't* beached is especially heartbreaking. But pretty: