EDITORIAL: Why are we turning our backs on space?

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Republicans started the American Space Program (Eisenhower, specifically), but I realize the Democrats (Kennedy, specifically) really started the space race going, and the Republicans (Nixon, specifically) ended it, but have you noticed a trend since then? Republican administrations say “We need to get off our asses and start doing stuff in space again,” and start to do it, then the Democratic administrations say “Space is wasteful, let’s scrap the entire program and spend the money on Cheese subsidies (Senator William Proxmire - no lie - put together a coalition which shut down the Apollo Program three years early, took all the ‘saved’ money and invested it in his own state’s cheese industry), or “We’re just throwing money away on space that could better be used in subsidizing the manufacture of uncomfortable wooden chairs made by traditional 19th century means!” (Jimmie Carter. Don’t even get me started on Carter!) The reason I’m bringing this up is because Obama back during the campaign, Obama was saying that if elected, he’d shut down the Constellation Program. Well, he's president now and though I’m unclear if he’s talking about entirely, or just as it applies to NASA’s ‘Return to the Moon’ and Mars programs, it's still obvious that once the Shuttle is retired at the end of next year, we won't be putting Americans in space for at least a half-decade.. http://www.thespacereview.com/article/1100/1

This is unacceptable. At risk of alienating our readers a bit, I’m going to play moderate on this issue because there’s plenty of bad leadership to go around on this one. Space is beyond a party issue, it is vitally important to the future of our country and our species, and both parties have shown a kind of guarded disinterest to it beyond its uses as a form of high-profile propaganda.

A thousand years ago, the Vikings discovered America, but they couldn’t figure out a use for it, didn’t like the color, it didn’t match the drapes, they had more important stuff going on at home, whatever, and so they abandoned it more or less inside of a generation. As a result, Southern Europe gobbled up the new world, became filthy stinking rich, and is pretty much only still a going concern today because the New World meant New Wealth which jump-started the renaissance, the reformation, and all kinds of good stuff which ultimately led to the discovery of the Root Beer Float. (God only allows humanity the wisdom to invent these kinds of food items if we’ve done something good, you see). The United States is utterly pissing away its advantage in space the way the Vikings pissed away the new world, and eventually someone is going come along and take the moon and mars away from us the way Spain took North America away from the Vikings. But of course I’m overstating things – truth be told, the Vikings took America away from themselves, and we’re doing the exact same thing.

I'd like to get a discussion going on this, so if anyone has any opions, please fire them off below!