DRIVE-BY GEEKERY: The (Somewhat Unimpressive) Return of the DCAU

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While watching "Green Lantern" the other night, they started running these "DC Nation Shorts," which where 60-second spots involving DC superheroes (Or variations thereof) engaged in stupid comedy. They ran two.

The first was an Aardman-styled claymation bit with English kids doing the dialog for deliberately goofy-looking versions of Batman, the Joker ("See how many hops I can do on one leg!") and others. Cute, but meh.

The second was a Teen Titans short in which the team (all with their original voices) get involved in a belching contest at the pizza place. (Raven wins) This is remarkable only for being the first *new* piece of DCAU storytelling since 2006.

I found myself wondering if it was new, or if it was just an outtake from the original series. I also found myself wondering if we'd be getting more, or if it was just a one-off. What an odd coda for the DCAU if this is it.

Still: nice to see the old gang again. Nicer still that they still *Sounded* like the old gang.