DRIVE-BY GEEKERY: Portlandia: "One More Episode of Battlestar Galactica”

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"Portlandia" is the rarest of all rarities: A local sketch comedy show that *isn't* public access. It's produced and (generally) set in Portland, Oregon, and like most local attempts at community-based comedy, it's (generally) doggedly un-funny. That said, because Portland is where the trend-sucking leeches live lives of deliberately-affected hiposity, they have a lot of truck within the entertainment community.
This means that while it's *generally* not particularly funny, "Portlandia" occasionally pulls out some major surprises.

Case in point, the following clip. It's got a modestly amusing premise, which drags on way the heck too long and manages to kill all the humor. This then segues without break into another related, somewhat less-amusing premise that, likewise, goes on way the heck too long, and is utterly laugh free. This, then segues into the payoff, which, much to my surprise, the twist is huge, and is pretty frackin' hilarious.

So, yeah, it all pays off in the end, despite screaming out for editing.

Just stick in there 'til 6:09, and then the good stuff starts.