DRIVE-BY GEEKERY: The Perils Of Being An Asian BSG Fan In Australia

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It's a slow news day here.

Consequently, I've decided to run this Video Blog ("Vlog," a word even uglier than "Blog," though I hadn't thought it possible in English) from Natalie Tran, talking about, well, typical neurotic Natalie Tran stuff.

If you don't know who she is, Ms. Tran is a mid-20s Australian Video-Blogger/College Student. She's smart, she's really really funny as heck, and I'd be saying that even if I didn't have a tiny-yet-inappropriate crush on her. (Which I do.) She generally doesn't talk too much about SF stuff, so I haven't plugged her on the site before, but this one fits, so I thought "Why Not? It's a slow news day after all."

Definitely, if you're uninitiated, you should go to her youtube channel here because, well, you, you just should, I guess. CAUTION: The video above is pretty clean, but she's a bit of a pottymouth.