DRIVE-BY GEEKERY: 30 Rock and the Planet Hoth

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Welcome to Drive-By Geekery, where we note, mark, and 'member* any genre nods in non-genre shows. The idea is that there are programs that probably don't fall within our purview here at the 'Bot, but they're still noteworthy shoutouts that should be pointed out to folks who may be interested but - unlike me - don't have a metal plate in their skull that allows them to watch TV 24 hours a day. (It never ends! It never damn well ends!)

30 Rock is one of those shows we probably should hate, since we're Republicans (And at least one of us actually does hate it. Try to guess which one, it's fun!), and it stars the undeniably hillarious Tina Fey, who, you know, used her gifts to help derail the McCain Train last year. The show also stars Alec Baldwin who's endlessly hillarious (There being a very close correlation between humor and anger) who...well, hell, he's Alec Baldwin. He's probably going to track me down and beat me up just for mentioning him on a Republican site.

But you know, I grow tired of negativity. I think it cost us the election, frankly. Yeah, we could look angrily at Tina Fey for her role in denying us four more years in the white house, -OR- we could look at her gratefully for her role in denying Hillary the white house. Because, come on, let's face it, we didn't have a chance in hell this time out, and the race really was between Obama and Hillary, and of the two, who would you rather have? Be honest, now? Tina was stumping for Obama on her show more than two years ago.

Anway, getting on to the show:

If you've never seen it, or didn't see this week's episode, you can watch it online here or here
(WARNING: The show is not at all conservative, and is kind of dirty, actually)

The show isn't SF, not at all, not in the least, however Tina Fey's character is a huge Star Wars geek, both on the show (And apparently in real life), and the series has been peppered since day one with out-of-nowhere references to Star Wars in specific, and SF in general.

Should you watch this week's ep at the link above, listen to the music whenever the subject of "The Crevase" comes up - Jack is talking about an accident he had while ice climbing, and whenever he does, there's a little Ice Planet Hoth musical cue. It's subtle, but they put enough work in to it that I think it deserves mention, nay, our first Drive-By Geekery mention!

*- Gratuitous Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome reference