DRIVE-BY GEEKERY: 30 Rock and BSG....and Lost

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Thursday Night's episode of 30 Rock continues the show's rather odd decline in quality with an indifferent episode that doesn't even bother to resolve some of its plot threads (Closure on Tracy's "Rule of Threes" subplot, please?*), but on the bright side it *did* feature Cerie in a bikini as an "Italian Senator," and of course it had two really solid moments of drive-by geekery, quickly followed by one really lame one. Jump through for the details.

At 5:55 in the link below, you'll find Frank, Twofer, and Lutz with Jenna attempting to watch Battlestar Galactica, which Jenna can't follow at all. ("So all this happened because their plane crashed?") That's gag #1. Immediately thereafter, she says she met one of the Lost producers, who told her that the whole thing is taking place in Hurlie's head, annoying the hell out of the geeky writers. That's Gag # 2. Immediately after that, we're told that Liz has been singing "Rocket Man" in the car, but fortunately we don't have to hear it. (I hate that song.) That'd be the lame one, but I guess that's #3.

Oh, and actually, right around then, we also get a gratuitous Star Wars gag, in which we see a flashback of last year's writer's party, where Lutz is dressed up like Boba Fett. So that's actually 4 gags, well, 3 and a half, really.


*- Ok, ok, I'm lying. They actually did resolve that - sort of, in a lame fashion - but they did it during the closing credits, the first time they've ever actually done that. If you're not the kind of person who watches closing credits, or simply doesn't watch 'em on this show because it's always just text over a black screen, you'd totally miss the concluding gag.

And you really wouldn't have missed much, that's the sad part.