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The lovely and talented Docwho2100 has informed me that the Defying Gravity props and costumes and possibly the sets are being auctioned off. If you liked Defying Gravity, and you've got a lot of disposable income, then we should be friends. You know what? You could tell me what you want, and, like, give me the money, and, like, I'd buy the stuff for you. I, like, totally promise, not to run off with your cash, or (more likely) buy the stuff with your money, and run off with it.*

Because I like you. Trust me.**

Just like with the Galactica auction last year, these things provide a great opportunity to get a good look at stuff.

Check it out here!

*- Promises not legally binding.
** - Claims that I like you are not legally binding. I may, in fact, think you're a dork. But I probably don't.***
*** - Claims made in footnotes are, likewise, not legally binding.