DEFYING GRAVITY: "Not Dead, Just Pinin'..."

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Neorandomizer has pointed out the following story from The Futon Critic about the state of Defying Gravity

>>>LOS ANGELES ( -- Let the speculation end: ABC's "Defying Gravity" is still very much alive.

Nicole Marostica, the show's publicist for the network, has confirmed the Alphabet hasn't pulled the plug on the show and is still mulling scheduling options going forward.

Due to its late start this summer, ABC didn't have the real estate to air all 13 installments from its first season. "Gravity's" shortened run was made clear from the start: the network announced back on July 22 "Brothers & Sisters" would return to its Sunday, 10:00/9:00c slot on September 27, leaving "Gravity" just eight weeks of potential air dates.<<<

The July 22nd "Story" isn't really a story per se, nor anything specific about Defying Gravity, it' simply a list of 'start' dates for various fall shows. There's not even any mention of DG, it just happens to mention that its particular slot will be filled up on a particular date by another show, as you can see here

FC goes on to mention (As we've commented here ourselves) that
>>"Gravity" nevertheless has been a lackluster performer at best - last night's airing drew just 2.52 million viewers (including a 0.9 rating among adults 18-49), making it the least-watched program on the four major networks.

No indication was given as to when the show will return.

What this boils down to is that the show isn't officially cancelled, it's in "Hiatus" which simply means "It's a dead show, but we'll probably burn off the remaining episodes in the summer, then we'll formally cancell it."

Thanks to Neorandomizer who brought this to my attention, and the original story is here if you care to read it