DC UPDATE: CW Officially Picks Up Arrow

Wil Avitt
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Last Friday, executives officially announced that they were picking up 5 new shows for the 2012-2013 television season, and among them was Arrow, based on the DC Comics superhero Green Arrow.

Arrow is not a spin-off of Smallville, where the character became something of a fan favorite for the latter half of that series, played by Justin Hartley. Instead, Arrow will be a completely new series based on the character, played this time by Stephen Amell. Details on the series are still being kept on the down-low.

I'm glad to see the series was given a shot, but I'm also concerned about its potential for longevity. I have become a huge Green Arrow fan in recent years, first through Smallville and then through the GA stories penned by Mike Grell, most notably The Longbow Hunters, and I would hate to get into this series just to have it ripped away. But the simple fact is, DC and Warner Bros hasn't had the best track record with characters outside the Big 3 on television. And, honestly, Superman seems to be the only one who gets a good live-action run every time it's tried. Wonder Woman's pilot was a colossal failure, Birds of Prey only went half a year, The Flash (1990-91) only lasted one season... If you're not Superman, your series doesn't seem to last.

So far, the number of episodes the CW has ordered hasn't been released, nor has their official line-up, so we don't know when the series will air time-slot wise. Hopefully CW gives Arrow every possible opportunity to be a hit. Of course, we'll keep you informed as news develops.


R2 here- a clip has been released

Scheduling Update

The CW has released the line-up for their new fall season and Arrow will have the Wednesday night at 8pm time slot. Seems like they're at least going to try and give it the best chance of success.