DC UPDATE: Coming Together

Wil Avitt
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Now that month 2 of DC's The New 52 reboot (man, I am REALLY starting to hate that word) is behind us things are starting to come together and stories are really starting to emerge. Superman is still rocking the jeans and t-shirt look over in Action Comics, Hal Jordan has gotten back his GL ring after it was taken from him and given to Sinestro, after Hal killed Krona at the Climax of the War of the Green Lanterns storyline and Superman has come to blows with Batman and Green Lantern in a DCU handicap match.

I have to say, I've enjoyed the stories since the beginning. While it's true that I don't think this is the right direction, changing the universe so drastically, and I really don't think this will end up being permenant, the stories and artwork have been top notch, and in the #2's this has not declined (though it really is still too early to really tell if the storytelling will stay above par in the future). Also, Superman's new uniform (the one in the Superman and Justice League titles, not the t-shirt deal), which had me taken aback at first, is really starting to grow on me. It really is a good design. I never hated it, really, I think more than anything I was just stunned by how radical of a change it is for Superman. He has always been the only character that could rock the speedo look, but the classic design has never looked silly to me, not on Superman, and seeing it changed, not only changed but retconned out of existence entirely, was kind of shocking. But the new uniform really is cool looking.

My biggest problem, so far, is that the universe as a whole is somewhat hard to follow. Action Comics is obviously the beginning, and Superman will at some point in that title trade is t-shirt in for the Kryptonian battle suit he's wearing in the rest of the books and Green Lantern and Batman and Robin obviously take place in present day. But I'm having some trouble trying to figure out where some other stories, like the Supergirl series (featuring Kal-El and Kara's first meeting... again). Hopefully as the inagural storylines begin to come to an end (I'm thinking somewhere between 4 and 8 issues) the timeline will start to be made more concrete. I am also curious if Action will remain set 5 years ago, or if after the new origin story (pick up issue 3 to get a glimpse of the new vision of Krypton and its destruction) if it will jump ahead to the present. I guess we'll see.

The biggest (pleasant) surprise for me came in Green Lantern #2, with the return of Hal Jordan's ring. When Sinestro got the ring and was reinducted into the Corps I thought maybe they would try to make the book about Sinestro. I was not excited about the prospect of this. Sinestro works best as a bad guy, and I really hate all of this GL Sinestro crap that's floating around because of the film. I'm hoping this New 52 Green Lantern storyline will see Sinestro betraying Jordan and Jordan having to kick his red butt. But again, we'll have to wait and see. And I'll be here for a while, because these stories really are holding my interesd, despite my assertion that the entire endeavor was ill-conceived. See you next month!