DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: Monorail! Monorail! Monorail! Mono-D'oh!

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If there's a pie-in-the-sky Worlds Fair concept that typifies the 20th Century obsession of the future, it's the monorail:

Dozens have been built, it's clearly feasable with off-the-shelf technology, it looks freakin' cool, and yet....tumbleweeds and crickets chirping. Nothing ever comes of it, you know? The only organization that's ever really been able to make a go of Monorails is Disney. This footage is taken from the front cockpit of a Disney monorail in 1987 (There's a rear cockpit on 'em too) and it's kind of fun.
Granted it's rather long, and low-key futuristic, but you get some good vistas of the property as it existed back in the day, and there's some nice shot of the geek-friendly Contemporary Resort Hotel.