DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: The House of Tomorrow, 1957 Style

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This was an A-ticket display at Disneyland from 1957 to 1967

These things are never terribly good at portraying the future, of course, but they are really good at giving us a window in to what people want. In fact, I still think most of that is kinda' schwee, particularly the powered cabinets and the adjustable sink. Conversely, the thought of a million people a year trying out the electric razor and the toothbrush is just nasty.
"Hey kid, put your mucus membranes up against this...oh, gezundheit, got a cold, huh? No matter, try it out anyway! Just feel it getting the oreos out of your teeth, huh? Ok, next...hi, little girl! Wanna' try out the toothbrush of tomorrow? Just stick this up against your mucus membranes..."