DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: "Horizons" 1982-2000

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What is Epcot but a permanent world's fair?

The sound and video quality on here is rather weak, and the ride takes a bit to get going, but there was some amazingly cool stuff in here, including several different "Houses of Tomorrow." My personal favorite part was the Space Colonies that show up at 6:52. Obviously modified Bernal Spheres they were just the coolest thing imaginable. My girlfriend at the time and I used to ride this thing over and over again, and discuss what it would be like to live on one of these things and what it would be like to make out in space. And then we'd make out in the ride. Ah, happy memories. Happy groping memories.

It always saddens me that they tore this thing down to make room for Mission Space. I mean, yeah, "Space" is a better ride, but it's not like Disney doesn't have more than enough land and money to keep *Both* rides, right?

By the way, this ride was a sequel to "Carosel of Progress" in Tomorrowland. It follows the same family along, further in to the future. The little boy from the last part of Carosel? He's the grand dad in this one.