DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: "In The Future, All Buildings Will Look Like Bowling Trophies."

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Ignore the nazi crap in the first part of this, and take a gander at that completely amazing Soviet exhibit!

Seriously, that's just an amazing triumph of the Streamline Moderne style (or Art Deco, if you prefer), which is by its very nature kind of futuristic and spacy. Here's a beautiful night view of the side
It was a pretty tense World's Fair as you can imagine, taking place on the eve of World War II in what was soon to be an occupied city. This tension even shows up in the architecture, as you can see in this shot here
On the left is the Nazi bowling trophy building, and on the right is the soviet bowling trophy building, and in the background, looming over both of them is the grandfather of all bowling trophies, the Eifel Tower.
Very soon, the two largest social engineering experiments in history would come in to head-to-head conflict and Seventy Two million people would die. It's disconcerting to think how many of the people in the newsreel footage I showed you would be dead inside of the next eight years.