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It has come to my attetion that "Days of Future Past" is an album by the Moody Blues, which I was previously blissfully unaware of. I'm uncomfortable with being associated with the Lords of Wus Rock, particularly when it looks like I was homaging them by using the name in the first place, which is clearly not the case. Furthermore, I've just been informed that there's a "Tales of Future Past" website here which covers a lot of the same stuff that we're doing in this column, and they got here WAAAAAAAAAAY long before I did. It's only fair, therefore, that I change the name of this feature. Only common decency. SO what I'd like to do is have you guys post suggestions for new names for this column. The best one will be the new name. Until we've got a new name, however, I'm gonna' call this feature "Retro-Future Fun" as just a kind of interim title until one of you clever little bright-eyed types comes up with something permanent.

Nah, on second thought, there's probably not enough interest in this feature to justify a contest, and "Retro-Future Fun" is both kinds of gay, as titles go. I'm just going to rename it after a Pet Shop Boys song. Nothing gay about the Pet Shop Boys, right? Am I right? I'm right, aren't I? I'm not?

DAMMIT, what an irritating day this has been...