DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: The 1967 Montreal Expo

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Home movies from the '67 Expo in Canada, celebrating that country's centenial.

This was the largest fair to date, and the final one to be a comple unqualified success. Check out all the crazy architecture! We'll be seeing more of this eventually.

This fair has additional significance for SF geeks like us - the semi-abandoned ruins of the fair were eventually featured in three separate SF productions!

First was the Paul Newman/Robert Altman SF Film "Quintet" where Newman trudges through the snow past the ruins of a futuristic city.

The second was in the original Battlestar Galactica (1979), where Starbuck got lost in the ruins of "Paradeen City," which had been depopulated by an enemy neutron attack.

The third was Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1981 Crappy Gil Gerard version) where some of the stock footage from the Galactica episode was re-used for some shots of New Chicago. For instance, all the external shots of Buck's apartmet were left over Galactica shots of the old British pavilion.

I'll put footage of those sequences on here when I can find 'em.