Daniel Roe on Windfarms and Energy Costs

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My fingers are still killing me from yesterday's "War of the Gods" review, so I'm a-gonna' just throw up this piece from Mr. Daniel Roe.

In this very poorly filmed piece, Mr. Roe goes on about how Windfarms are a government subsidy, and far from being a viable alternative source of energy.

I tend to agree. The things are huge, costly, and require lots and lots of resources to build. Resources, the extraction of which, are harmful to the environment. It's also interesting to me that no one has really done a study on how windfarms affect prevailing weather patterns. I mean, they must do that, right? If something like a city can change the weather patterns of a region, then it follows a few thousand mills must as well, right?

I digress. He goes on about how the problem to developing alternative energy sources is the artificially low cost of energy at the present. If energy costs were higher, there'd be more incentive to develop something else.

Fingers hurt. Going bye bye.

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