COMICS: Firefly: Shepherd Book’s Tale Finally To Be Told

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Even now, eight years later, there are so many things about the cancellation of Firefly annoying me that I have a hard time winnowing them down to just the core two or three. I realize, objectively, that had the show not have been cancelled in 2002, it certainly would have been cancelled by now, and Nathan Fillion would more than likely still be on “Castle.” I realize that the show would have more-than-likely have lost its way in the final season or two, indulged in navel-gazing, lost it’s audience, and then had an rushed, overstuffed finale as Joss tries to wrap everything up in the six episodes he’s got left before the cancellation order takes effect. Such is the way of Whedon shows. I realize any number of things could have gone wrong between then and now.

I don’t care, however. Genre shows get cancelled all the time. Most of them I don’t even remotely care about. More mystifying are the ones that *don’t* get cancelled. Would anyone have felt cheated if we didn’t get to see the conclusion of “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda?” Does anyone care about the questions left lingering from Sci-Fi’s terrible “Flash Gordon” reboot from 2008/2009? V, Flash Forward, and Caprica are all circling the drain, and while I really like Caprica, I can’t imagine myself wasting too much time wondering what would have happened next on any of those shows, after they die.

But Firefly still nags at me. There was so much to know, so much to learn, so much left tantalizingly on the shelf. The characters were interesting, the actors were interesting, and it felt like they knew who they were playing. And I wanted to know them to. (Though not in the Biblical sense. Though in an Apocryphal sense, I certainly wouldn’t have minded making out with Morena Baccarin for a bit)

Well, it turns out we’re finally going to get to find out a bit more about Shepherd Book.

I don’t have too many details, and I don’t know when it’ll be released, but Dark Horse is running another of their seemingly-random Firefly comics, this one based entirely around Book’s character, telling his origins, his actions, and his redemption.

I’m a little up in the air over this. On the one hand, it’s Shepherd Book - he’s the most interesting character on the show in terms of mysterious backstory. On the other hand, the comics tend to be…uhm…kinda’ lame I know they’re canonical and all, but the writing lacks the wit and charm of the show, and the art has traditionally been dodgy at best. When I told the Republispouse about the Shepherd Book story, she was immediately excited, but when I told her what format it was going to be in, she immediately cringed.

So: I’m hoping they pull it off, I want it to be good, I'll definitely try to check it out, but, well, I think we’re well beyond the point of diminishing returns…

More details can be found here CAUTION: There are some mild spoilers.

Thanks to our roving story-scout, Neorandomizer, for pointing this out to us.