CATCHING UP WITH V: "Concordia," "Siege," and "Birth Pangs" (Episodes 5-7)

kristine N

Concordia (Season 2, Episode 5)

Anna announces Concordia, essentially an urban renewal plan, complete with Disney-esque castles.

It's Tyler's birthday, so he eats bad birthday cake for breakfast (which seems more like a day after birthday kinda thing to me, but whatever) and is sad because his dad didn't call by 8 am.

Anna talks about the true nature of concordia with a couple of lieutenants, revealing it's actually an invasion plan (surprise, surprise). Ominously, she says the human women are "almost ready for breeding."

Eli and Ryan meet in a secluded alley to discuss joining forces again, basically so Ryan can get his daughter back. Eli reveals he's planning to take out Anna that night at the gala where concordia is being announced.

Erica calls in her ex (Alex Krycek) to tell him about the "missing DNA" and the V's messing with her prengancy. She asks Joe to reunite with to give Tyler the family he craves and pull him away from the V's.

Anna finds Lisa wrapping a present for Tyler and asks why she'd doing that. Lisa says she's being a good girlfriend. Anna says she's going to give Tyler something nobody else can give him.

Chad's boss tells him he's going to bring in a new commentator, who Chad is supposed to screen-test.

Lisa's gift to Tyler is a little light-saber shaped tube that turns out to be a mini movie player showing the two of them kissing. As he thanks Lisa by re-enacting the scene, Erica and Joe/Alex show up together with a map and a picture of a motorcycle. Joe offers to spend the summer riding around with Tyler in a re-enactment of Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. Erica promises to worry.

Anna and her lieutenants watch the exchange and realize their plans for Tyler won't work if Tyler goes with his dad. Anna says, "but he hasn't seen my gift yet." Duhn, duhn, duhn.

Erica, Ryan, and Hobbes fight over whether or not to attack the gala. Ryan and Hobbes are on the side of attacking, Jack and Erica don't want to because it'll endanger too many innocents. Erica tells Ryan she won't help them at the gala.

Tyler, Lisa, Erica, and Joe/Alex all come up to the ship for Anna's gift to Tyler, which turns out to be...a space shuttle. That, of course, trumps a motorcycle and a cross country trip with Tyler's estranged father. As Anna, Tyler and the rest of the entourage walk away, Lisa warns Erica and Joe that Anna needs Tyler soon.

Chad and blonde newscaster, Carrie, argue about the V's, likening their gifts to the small-pox infested blankets given to Native Americans.

Erica tells Anna they're honored to work as her guards. Says they all have one goal--her safety. The scene immediately cuts to Erica re-joining Hobbes, Ryan and Eli and telling them she's going to help them attack Anna because Erica's gift can't compete with Anna's.

Intercut between planning for Anna's safety and planning for Anna's death.

Anna and Thomas look at a 3D image that reveals the castles are landing pads for cloaked ships from which Anna's soldiers will deploy and "collect their women and prepare them for what's next."

Erica walks into her living room in a sexy black dress, which Joe/Alex expresses his liking for but looks more than a little impractical for hiding weapons or chasing bad guys. Erica offers him the couch for the night. So romantic.

Back on the ship, Anna, wearing a low-cut red dress, asks Ryan point blank if anything is planned for the gala. He claims he isn't deep enough in the organization to be told such things. His daughter starts screaming, so he begs Anna to give his daughter bliss.

At the gala, Karen asks Chad to introduce her to Anna. Karen asks Anna what the purpose is behind all the gifts. Anna claims there is no ulterior motive, saying "we are of peace, always."

Erica texts Jack to tell him to start the protest, which pulls her partner away from the party. Eli and Hobbes sneak through a fire door Erica opens for them. In his apartment, Ryan watches a broadcast of the party and announcement of concordia. Back at the gala, Erica watches Eli and Hobbes get into place. They assemble sniper rifles as Anna walks to the podium.

Ryan looks at a picture of his daughter, thinking about Anna's words that "only my bliss can heal her."

Marcus takes the stand because Ryan's called in the threat. Erica and Eli fight over whether or not to take the shot. Marcus introduces Tyler as the first human to pilot a V shuttle. Erica walks to the front and stands with Tyler, pulling him away with a hug so Hobbes can take the shot at Marcus. Anna and Marcus and the rest of the V party evacuate.

Anna is informed of Marcus' critical condition and Thomas the engineer is offered the job of second in command. Thomas also informs Anna Tyler isn't going to join the program. She tells him, "there are others."

Back at home Erica brings in a misshapen cake and Tyler blows out the candles.

Erica's partner and boss (Chris and Paul) discuss how everything went bad at the gala. They discuss whether or not Erica is involved in the 5th column.

Jack gets fired.

Anna confronts Ryan and Ryan promises he'll give Anna everything she wants, calling her his queen.

Hobbes and Eli discuss who could have tipped off Anna, narrowing it down to "one human and one reptile." They're sure it wasn't Erica...Duhn, duhn, duhn.

Siege (Season 2, Episode 6)

On air, Chad and Carrie argue about whether or not Anna can keep her cool after her right-hand-man was taken out.

Back on the ship, Anna promises an unconscious Marcus she'll hunt down the 5th column.

At 5th column HQ, Erica tells her crew she's been benched and is going to spend time with her family. They also discuss Ryan the mole. Hobbes wants to take him out immediately but Erica wants to hear why he did it.

On the ship, Ryan can't keep his kid from crying. Anna calms her but tells Ryan to kill Eli Cohn and then hands back a squalling child to Ryan.

In his office at the parish, Jack gets formally disrobed, losing his job, his home, and his collar.

Ryan uses his V hunter skills to follow and kill one of Eli Cohn's guys. He sneaks in on Eli, who pulls a gun on Ryan. Eli's guys surround Ryan and take him prisoner.

Erica, Joe and Tyler are getting ready for family trip time when she gets the call that Ryan's been captured. Eli agrees to wait until she shows up to kill him. Why, exactly does she need to have a heart-to-heart with Ryan before they kill him?

Some V following Ryan jumps around and tells Anna and the new RHM where Eli Cohn's base is. They tip off the FBI so they'll do the dirty work. The FBI decide to keep Erica out of the loop. Ryan tells them they all have to leave or they're all dead because a tracker was on his tail. Why he waited so long to tell them is left unanswered, since by waiting he pretty much guaranteed they'll all be killed.

Erica realizes it's the FBI showing up, not the V's, and tells Eli not to kill anyone because she can get them out. She also realizes she didn't get called, so they suspect her of being a double agent. She offers to play hostage to buy them time and maybe get them out. Eli pushes Erica onto a balcony while holding her in front of him in a typical hostage stance and she waves around her cell phone. The boss and partner realize they now have a way to talk to Eli Cohn, but they also have a hostage situation on their hands.

Back on the ship Anna plans the deaths of both Tyler's parents, deciding to take advantage of the hostage stand-off at Eli Cohn's hideout.

Lisa calls Tyler and tells him to turn on the TV, and Joe does his part to get himself killed by immediately dashing off to the hideout. Jack also sees the report and dashes off to the most dangerous part of town.

From Eli's HQ Erica calls Chris (her partner) and tells them she knows what Eli wants, then cuts off the call.

Thomas shows up with V magic technology that can find explosives inside the building. Joe talks to a random guy/Agent Ray Caldwell who gives him a map of a tunnel into the building.

Erica and Eli bond over family pictures. Joe gets dumped on the floor after sneaking in through an old bricked in tunnel. Joe tells Erica her friend, Agent Ray Caldwell gave him the plans to get into the building. But Erica doesn't know an Agent Ray Caldwell. Duhn, duhn, duhn.

Tyler tries to call his dad and storms out as Lisa pleads with him to stay and let things work out.

Eli realizes the V's have tech to see through walls and orders some of his followers wearing explosive vests to take hostages. Erica objects to the taking of hostages. Eli tells her he'll die to get her, Joe, and his most important lieutenant (Fierro) out. He tells her to get out, protect her family, her cover, and live to fight Anna another day.

Jack tries to get through the crowd and calls Hobbes. Thomas approaches Hobbes with a deal--work for us or the-never-before-mentioned Sarah dies. Thomas gives him a box containing a silver and red eye-looking button that will cause the explosives in the building to go off when he gets close to the building.

Chris confronts Jack in a seemingly pointless encounter.

Erica confronts Ryan. Tells him he should have come to her and refuses to forgive him. She then says goodbye to Eli, who clearly expects to die. She collects Joe and they kiss because "they have so much time to make up for."

Erica calls Chris and tells him not to shoot and to guarantee the safety of the hostages.

Anna is told Hobbes is in place.

Erica leads out the nine hostages while Hobbes looks at the blinking eye thing. All the bomb vests start to blink in time and Hobbes pushes the button, detonating the bombs. Eli takes one last look at the picture of his wife and child and is vaporized. As Erica and the hostages try to escape, several of the hostages are shot. Joe tries to help one to safety and gets killed in the process.

Back on the ship, Anna watches, satisfied, as Tyler's dad dies.

As emergency workers clean up around her, Erica holds her dead ex's hand. Tyler weeps in his mother's arms as Chris and Paul decide to kill the paperwork calling Erica's loyalty into question.

Anna and Diana fight and Anna accuses her mother of trying to incite human emotions in her daughter. Anna challenges her mother and her mother promises to destroy her. Lisa sees Anna leaving the dungeon and decides to investigate. Diana introduces herself to Lisa, who has no idea her grandmother is still alive. They conspire together against Anna.

Erica sits in the dark, mourning Joe's death. Tyler, the fine upstanding kid that he is, abandons his mother for the V's in her time of crisis. Erica slaps the spoiled brat when he goes off on her for not taking out the 5th column.

Hobbes, Chad, and Jack are sitting the the 5th column lair when Erica comes in and tells them what they already know. She knows she's lost the battle over Tyler and decides to use the network left to her by Eli to go on the offensive against Anna. She "uncages" Hobbes.

Birth Pangs (Season 2, Episode 7)

Anna expresses her condolences to Tyler for killing his dad. They shave his hair off as part of the final physical exam for "deep space flight." Thomas and Anna discuss the next phase of interbreeding.

Jack moves in with Hobbes, promising to leave space for all Hobbes' cool black t-shirts. Erica shows up, then Fierro, who Jack and Hobbes are suspicious of. Fierro tells Erica she needs to go to Bangkok for a meeting of all the lieutenants.

Tyler isn't physically ready because he doesn't have enough phosphorus in his blood. He's cleared for flying, though, so Anna can bring some other kid named Raphael in for a shot with Lisa. Anna orders a concentrated P injection for Tyler, and says if he doesn't respond he'll be dispensable. Unfortunately for him.

Erica meets with Eli's lieutenants in Bangkok and tells them she's in charge now because she has access to contacts on the ship. They agree to give her a shot in spite of their misgivings, but warn if they don't like her plan, she's out.

Anna gives Lisa an assignment--"entertain" Raphael. Lisa balks and Anna tells her to never question her again.

Jack, Erica, scientist guy, Hobbes, and Chad are skyping. They decide they need to figure out what the V's really want, other than interbreeding. Scientist guy tells the rest he "reached out to the global scientific community" and found other examples of babies whose DNA was altered like Tyler's, but most of them died in infancy. Now in a restaurant, Hobbes, Fierro, and Erica discuss the dead babies and the specialist, Dr. Rye, who treated them all. Dr. Rye is apparently in Hong Kong, so they go to find her.

Back on the ship, Anna is suspicious of Lisa and goes to Joshua to give him an assignment--lie to Lisa and tell her he's getting his memories of human emotions back.

Lisa goes to Diana and and asks why Anna would tell her to get close to a new guy. Diana asks if Lisa has feelings for Tyler, which she denies, but Diana sees through her. She counsels her to go along with her mother's plans and to do everything she can to protect herself.

Chad corners Lisa and reveals his connection to Erica, then asks why the live aboards were tortured. Lisa doesn't promise anything.

Joshua sees Lisa looking through medical records. He leaves before she sees him watching her, but finds her in the hallway when she leaves. Joshua tells Lisa he remembers being 5th column and having emotions and says he remembers talking to her about it. Lisa doesn't fall for it and tells him he's remembered wrong.

Hobbes complains about eating chicken feet while he, Erica, and Fierro meet with a contact in Hong Kong. The contact gives them the address for Dr. Rye and they discuss how to get into her highly secured building.

They break in and Hobbes impersonates a smaller, more Asian security guard. He and Erica have 15 minutes to get to Dr. Rye and get out. Hobbes convinces her in bad Chinese that there's an electrical short in her apartment. When she opens the door, Erica and Hobbes take out Dr. Rye, discover she's a V and ask where she keeps her info. Erica obviously hasn't watched enough Burn notice because Dr. Rye pushes away Erica's gun and gets away, leaping from her building and taking a self-immolation pill on the way down.

Erica and Hobbes work on cracking the safe. She and Hobbes share an awkwardly "romantic" moment and then Hobbes gets the safe open. They steal most of the contents and run out. Their Asian contacts save their butts by sending security guards outside while they wait.

Back in NY, Ryan finds Jack and Jack tells him off. Ryan tries to guilt him into letting him back into the gang, but Jack isn't biting.

In Bangkok, Erica opens the data tube thingy and they discover there are 29 boys, and each V ship is located over one of the boys. Erica realizes her snot nosed brat of a kid is expendable. They find some pre-natals, and open one and red stuff spontaneously generates from the prenatal pill.

Back in NY, Jack and Hobbes discuss the revelations from Hong Kong. Erica calls and they leave.

Lisa calls Chad Decker and tells him he'll send info to explain why Anna wanted the live aboards. Chad takes the info to Erica, telling her, science, guy, and the rest of the crew the live aboards were selected for being genetically exceptional. Science guy shows them a picture of the DNA of alpha compared to the DNA of Malik, and tells them it's 1000 times more complicated--something which should have taken "at least 5000 years." They realize Anna's fast-tracking V evolution by stealing the best genes from humans.

Joshua tells Anna Raphael is here and that Lisa didn't reveal any emotions. Anna points out she may be lying.

Anna watches as Lisa starts seducing Raphael. Lisa can't go through with it and ushers Raphael out. Anna confronts Lisa and Lisa tells her she wants to know what's going on. They fight physically and Anna ends up with a bloodied lip before again warning her to never question her authority again.

Anna shows Joshua a queen egg and tells him to hatch it and accelerate the new queen's growth so if Lisa proves unreliable, they can replace her. Since all of Anna's offspring are mature, they conspire to use the hybrid (Ryan's daughter) to test rapid maturation.

Erica skypes with her lieutenants, telling them what she's learned. As an aside, why are they not killing the 28 other boys? If those boys are the key to the V's plans and they're trying to foil the V's plans, it would stand to reason...but then I guess those would be innocents and killing them to save the rest of humanity would be wrong or something. Anyway.

Back on the ship, Thomas and Joshua tell Anna the maturation protocol worked on Ryan's kid, but healed her of the illness they gave her. Ryan sees his daughter, who runs into the arms of Anna. After walking out into the hallway to give Ryan a few hours with his daughter, Anna tells Joshua and Thomas to eliminate Ryan since his cover is blown.

Lisa finds Tyler after he gets back from his training mission. Lisa tells Tyler he should allow himself to feel sad for his dad's death, but he tells her he doesn't want to feel--he just wants to be a shuttle pilot.

Lisa goes to Diana and asks for help. They discuss the usefulness of human emotion. Diana tells her to trust no one aboard the ship--no one but her (nothing sinister there) then tries to give her a hug. Lisa pulls away, wondering why and Diana tells her it's "because her mother never did." Lisa gives her a communication ball so they can stay in touch at all times. Diana smiles a sinister smile as the episode ends.


Hmm, I think I'd say all of them are pretty inoffensive to any political party. Probably the last one would be the one conservatives would like the most given Lisa shows a moral backbone and doesn't seduce Raphael.

So, sure--I think conservatives will like these, or at least not find anything overly lefty/offensive in them.