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Science Fiction Uber-Babe Anne Francis died last night. Did Syfy decide to run "Forbidden Planet," or her episodes of genre TV shows? They did not. Did they decide to run a marathon of "Honey West" episodes? They did not. (Granted that show isn't SF, but it's no less SF than WWF Wrestling is, and a whole lot more fun to watch). So what *ARE* they doing?

I just literally twenty-six minutes ago found out that SyFy is burning off the last of the Caprica episodes in a block tonight from 6PM to 11PM, EST. Thank God R2 called to tell me, or I would have missed it entirely. This has got nothing to do with Anne Francis, of course, but it poses all kinds of problems just the same.

I got a house full of sick kids, one TV (Which I'm *not* going to take away from them), and a busted DVR. Even if I *didn't* have all those speedbumps in front of me, however, I'm far too emotionally fragile (Read: Sleep-deprived and bored. And kinda' gassy.) to watch FIVE HOURS of that show in one stretch anyways.

I've made arrangements to tape the show, and I *WILL* do my normal coverage, but it's going to take us a while to get through it. It'll take at *least* until the weekend before I can do even the first one. I apologize. I really do. Miserable stupid Syfy...

If anyone who happens to be watching the show tonight should want to jot down some thoughts and email them to me, I'll be happy to run those until I can get my own stuff up. I can be reached at

In the meantime, please take this episode of Honey West as a consolation. It's got Lloyd Bochner in it. Who doesn't like Lloyd Bochner?