The Cape (No, not the one with Corbin Bernsen about NASA...)

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Yesterday, I mentioned "No Ordinary Family," one of the new fall shows, which looked - no offence - kinda' lame. Then I found out that there's yet another live action superhero show on in the fall. This one is "The Cape" from NBC, and heaven help me, it actually looks kinda' good!

That actually looks kinda' schwee, doesn't it? And it's got science fiction uberbabe Summer Glau (Which is a German name. See what I did there?) She's America's favorite hot, twitchy, violent schizophrenic killing machine, so that's definitely a plus.

So next fall we'll have five - count 'em - five live-action superhero shows on the major networks: Smallville, Heroes, The Cape, No Ordinary Family and The Amazing Spiderman starring Nicholas, that's not right. Ok, I guess there's just feels like I'm forgetting something, though.

Of course this is NBC, which means if the show is good, they'll deliberately sabotage it and cancel it (Like "Kings") and if it's crap, it'll run for fifteen years (Like "Heroes")