BSG News: The Young Admiral Adama, and Caprica

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We were supposed to have like two more months until Caprica came back, but they decided to burn off the final ten episodes before the end of the year, before the actor's contracts expire, *Just In Case* they decide to sign it for a second year. - seriously, is this a textbook 'troubled' series or what? - I thought I'd regale you of some fairly old BSG news.

The Chicago Tribune reported (Back in July) that Syfy is working on a "Young Adama" series set on the Galactica during the First Cylon War (40 years prior to the RDM BSG series). This is an idea that's been tossed around since January or February, when Caprica first hit the airwaves and was greeted with a resounding yawn. Evidently audiences weren't terribly enamored of "Bill Gates meets the Sopranos 50,000 years ago on another planet." Go figure, seemed like a slam-dunk to me. (I'm joking. It's blinkered philistine pig-ignorance from the word go)

The network wasn't quite ready to stop milking their only near-hit franchise, and started casting about for a more populist, action-packed series. The Cylon War was an obvious choice. Initially they were talking about a miniseries, now they seem to have settled on the far, far cheaper concept of a webseries to test the waters, a'la "Sanctuary." This will actually be less ambitious than Sanctuary's web run, in that they'll only be doing five-to-ten minute 'webisodes' rather than full length episodes. If there's enough of an audience for this, it'll likely get bumped up to actual TV Series status.

Will it work? Is there enough interest to warrant this? I'm gonna' say probably not. Galactica was a hit with fen, but that doesn't translate in to a hit with the Danes. It came closer than most, it was a near-miss, but that still means you didn't hit the target, and when it was bleeding ratings in the end it had trouble even holding on to the faithful. I think the idea of a cylon war series is a pretty good one, but I'm not convinced the audience is there, and computers are still not the preferred viewing platform. It'll be eventually, but it's not now.

Added to which, elements of this sound perilously close to Syfy making fanfic of their own series.

I'm on record as saying I like Caprica - and I really do, to my surprise - it's a much better series than it has any right to be, and Eric Stolz is pretty amazing in it, however it simply hasn't been able to hold an audience, and while Syfy has repeatedly insisted they're into this show for the long haul, a renewal for a second season hasn't been announced yet. (Comparatively, SGU was picked up for a second season before they'd even finished filming the first. And that's a show from super-troubled MGM!)

While Ronald D. Moore "Firmly believes" they'll get a second season, it appears that others in the production team are floating proposals for other jobs ("The Watchers") just in case they don't. And really, when you think about it, the whole "Cylon War" thing is really one of these as well.