BREAKING (Studio) NEWS: Dollhouse isn't cancelled...yet, and SG1 makes a third return from the grave

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This just in: FOX will *not* be running the finale of Dollhouse. This *does not* mean that Dollhouse is cancelled...yet. The network hasn't reached a decision on that subject yet, but there's one episode being produced that they won't be airing.

In fact, it isn't really a finale. The bottom line is that FOX made a pilot episode of Dollhouse that they didn't like, and then they ordered 13 episodes of the series itself. Episode 13 - which FOX *Will* be airing - is the season finale for the show. For laborious reasons, the producers and writers decided to make a 14th episode - a standalone that takes place yeaaaaaaaaaaars after the season finale, and functions as kind of a coda for the series.

So even if the show comes back for a second season - which is still up in the air at this point - Fox will not be showing this "Coda" episode, but it'll be on the DVD when it comes out.


In somewhat less incomprehensible news, the straight-to-DVD movie we all thought was a done deal *Finally* got the go-ahead from MGM. Everyone has been saying "It's in preproduction" for more than a year now, but evidently that was just wishful fen thinking.

A third SG1 movie was supposed to have gone in to preproduction pretty much immediately after "Continuum," but the bit writers strike a couple years ago more or less killed that at the time. Now they're coming back around to it. Although I said a while back that I don't understand the production model they use for these DVD movies, I know "Ark of Truth" turned a profit, and "Continuum" appears to have only baaaaaaaaaaaarely broken even. It's possible that - strike notwithstanding - the decision to hold off making a third movie for a while migh have been to some extent motivated by the poor showing the (much better) second film made. Either way, this is likely the make-it-or-break-it DVD for SG1: If this one tanks or even fails to launch like the last one, we probably won't be seeing this particular SG team together again.


In other news, something called "Friday Night Lights" defied the odds and got picked up for another season, but I don't care because that's the kind of show that the people who beat me up like.