BREAKING NEWS: Terra Nova has been cancelled

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This just in: Fox has cancelled "Terra Nova," a show that cost $4 million per episode, and never brought in as many as ten million viewers even on their best night ever.

The Hollywood Reporter has all the details here

But what I find interesting is how this continues the 'Parade of Failure' for the major names associated with this: Firstly and most obviously, Stephen Spielberg, who's *never* managed to have a hit show, despite numerous huge-budget attempts like "Amazing Stories," "SeaQuest," "Earth 2," and now this. (To be fair, though "Falling Skies" *MIGHT* eventually break his streak). Less newsworthy, yet more amazing is Brannon Braga.

Branon Braga has absolutely positively *the worst* track record of *ANY* television producer working in the Science Fiction genre in history. While Voyager ran for Seven years, it was never terribly successful, and the failures of the later seasons were largely based on Braga. Voyager was generally cited as the reason why "Enterprise" wasn't given a longer initial deal (TNG had a five-season, Voyager and DS9 had seven from the outset), and its general unpopularity with casual viewers is largely based on him. Since his decade-long mission to scuttle Trek, he went on to create - and then destroy - "Threshold," and then was executive producer on "24" (Not an SF show) for the final two seasons. A lot of people have blamed the cancellation of 24 on Braga, I actually don't think that's fair. He inherited a show that was already wheezing. After that, he went on to create - and destroy - "FlashForward." And now he's created and destroyed "Terra Nova."

Seriously: Trekies give a lot of grief to Fred Freiberger as "The Series Killer" because of him helming Space: 1999 and TOS and The Six Million Dollar Man in their final seasons, but honestly, Freddy's ghost can't hold a candle to Mr. Braga.

Seriously, can someone please stop cutting this guy checks?