BREAKING NEWS: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is cancelled.

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Well, it's officially un-official: T2.5 is dead. Not that this is a surprise, we've kind of known this was coming for four months now, but it is sad just the same. Weirder still, even though the network has not made any official announcements about the cancellation of the show, it's actually been dead for weeks or months.

The clues were all there:

* Brian Austin Green did a pilot for a new series recently (Though since they killed off his character a couple weeks back, I'd hoped he was simply leaving the cast)

* Several months ago, Summer Glau was too busy to do anything other than this show, then, suddenly, she had the free time to do a short film with Joss Whedon.

* During the Saturn awards, both Lena Heady and Thomas Dekker were unable to attend as they were both on location, filming separate movies.

* Shirley Manson evidently moved back to Scotland.

All these were pretty telltale signs if we'd been interested enough to look - and I'll admit, I wasn't, because I just assumed bad news anyway - but also the studio stripped the sets going on a month ago, so evidently the decision came down from the top quite a while back, and they just never bothered to tell us?

Why not?

Low ratings: They probably just assumed no one would notice since no one was watching anyway.