BREAKING NEWS: Straczynski launching Studio JMS

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Yay, Comic-Con! If there's any event that creates more non-news in the entertainment world, it's Comic-con. It's gotten so big that they're going to have to have another convention just for comics!

(crickets chirping)

Ever ahead of his time, J. Michael Straczynski (Joe to his friends... and he's let us call him Joe once or twice...) broke the news before the convention officially starts that he's starting his own studio- Studio JMS.

Story here:

To me, the most interesting bit is who he has running his biz- Pat "Lyta" Tallman.

We'll be watching Joe's efforts closely.

In other, completely unrelated news, I received a package from R3 the other day. It wasn't ticking, so I decided to open it. Out fell a dozen pages of faded thermal fax paper- the only surviving copy of the Star Trek VII treatment I submitted to Paramount twenty or so years ago. I am going to start the process of recovering the text and post it shortly.