BREAKING NEWS: Stargate Universe is officially cancelled.

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If I love it, it will die.

Stargate Universe has been cancelled by Syfy. The largest and riskiest departure from the standard Stargate format has also been the only unsuccessful one. The announcement was made earlier today

There's also been a lot of twitter chatter about it

Gateworld has temporarily suspended the creation of new threads until the furor dies down

Exactly what happens next is anyones' guess. There are still ten episodes left to produce, which will air sometime in the spring. I don't know if they're actually filming them yet, or in the can, or yet-to-be-shot or what. If it's the latter, there's a chance they can wrap up the story, but given the series' laconic pacing - which was one of the massive reasons it was canned - any 'hop to it' ending is going to seem really forced.

Of course there'll be talk about a straight-to-DVD movie, but MGM is already in the weeds with those. It's been three years since SGA ended, and the script for the movie to wrap up that series is still in the drawer. Ditto the third SG1 movie.

Any way you slice it, this comes up bad. It is in keeping with Syfy's general distancing itself from Science Fiction in favor of urban fantasy. They only had three SF shows last season, two of them are now dead. The only one remaining is the comedy. You don't have to be really bright to figure out that trend.

On the bright side, now that they know what the fans *won't* support, they can get back to things that work. SGU is dead, but Stargate as a whole isn't. It'll be back.

I hope.

(Seeing as I just got slammed - deservedly - for announcing the cancellation of The Venture Brothers when it hadn't in fact been cancelled, I felt I'd put some links in this one to back me up, rather than just trust you to trust me like I normally do.)