BREAKING NEWS: Looks Like Futurama Will Continue To Sound Like Futurama

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A while back we reported the story about how the eternally cheap and unattractive FOX suits were attempting to keep the costs on the Futurama revival down by re-casting all the voice actors with soundalikes. The fact that they were holding open auditions at Comicon struck us as a little bit odd, but, hey, if they made any kind of sense at all they wouldn't be FOX, now would they? In any event, it turns out this was all a weird ploy to shame the network in to renegotiating the actor's contracts with some pay raises. Details here.
It's nice to know that *SOMEONE* learned from that whole "Teenage Adventures of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm" Debacle. When they removed Sally Struthers from the cast and replaced her with a generic voice actor, the show was never the same, ratings plumeted, and, sadly, as a result they were never really able to clear up all those dangling plot threads revolving around Schleprock.
"Yabba Dabba Doozie" indeed.
Special thanks to our own GinRummy for pointing this out to me!