BREAKING NEWS: "Dollhouse" is officially dead.

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Not that there was much debate on the subject, but Dollhouse is now officially dead. Early reports are that they *will* be allowed to finish their 13-episode order for the season, and since Whedon's been given enough warning (He's filming episode 11 as you read this), so there should be some kind of conclusion to the series, but it's gone, baby, gone.

Honestly, why the hell does Whedon keep going back to Fox? It's like a cheating - and rather stupid - spouse: no matter how much they may promise they've changed and things will be different this time, the only thing that actually changes is the new ways they've found to torture you. And us, this time out. For God's Sake, Whedon, Think Of The Children! (Us! Me!)

For those of you who are fond of paralell universe stories, at this exact moment in a universe slightly to the right of our own, we're having this exact same discussion, but about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and wishing that Dollhouse had continued.

More details: (In which they claim that Echo is "DNA-Altered" for some reason. Got to love when people write news stories about shows they've clearly never watched)

But at least Wash is getting work elsewhere...