BREAKING NEWS: Dollhouse gets a second season!

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There have been rumors for the last week or so that Joss Whedon was pitching story ideas to the suits at FOX for a second season of his perpetually ratings-challenged "Dollhouse" Series. This was a surprise, since it's FOX after all, and it was just assumed the show was dead as a doornail. It had the lowest ratings of any hight-budget scripted series on TV - a 1.0 share in the male 18-49 demographic, but it consistently went up to a 1.4 if DVR ratings were factored in. While impressive, a 40% increase on DVR ratings is essentially a non-issue since those kinds of ratings don't affect a show's profitability one way or another.

It appears, however, that the show will be back for a second season of 13 episodes!

This is unprecidented, and appears to be the first time a decision to renew a show has been based on secondary issues - buzz, DVD sales, etc - and not on the more primary concerns like budget, ratings, and what have you.

In fact, FOX is bringing back all three of their brand new high-budget low-ratings mid-season hour dramas. Maybe they're trying to change their image in the industry? Or maybe someone at the network is just really trying to get fired...

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