BREAKING NEWS: Disney Buys Lucasfilm, Star Wars 7 Scheduled for 2015

Wil Avitt
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I just received word that the Walt Disney Corporation has just bought out Lucasfilm for $4.05B, almost the same price they paid for Marvel Comics. The link to the article sent to me is:

Disney has also stated that their first act as rightsholders to Lucasfilm's properties will be to produce Star Wars: Episode 7 and that the movie is scheduled for a 2015 release date. It is unclear whether or not the seventh Star Wars film will be a true Episode 7, continuing on from where Return of the Jedi left off, or if it will be a completely new and seperate story set in the Star Wars universe. It also hasn't been said whether or not the film will be live-action or animated, similar to The Clone Wars movie and television series.

When asked for a comment on the buyout and the news of a new Star Wars movie in the works, George Lucas stated, "It's time for me to hand the reigns over to a new generation of filmmakers," which is, by the way, contrary to previous statements he has made about Star Wars being his thing and he didn't believe he would ever let anyone else take over the franchise.

With the acquisition of Lucasfilm, in addition to the Star Wars franchise, Disney now owns the rights to the Indiana Jones franchise, which one can only assume would be the next property they exploit from the deal. As far as Indy goes, personally, I would like to see some prequels, bridging the gap between Sean Patrick Flanery's Young Indiana Jones and the character made inconic by Harrison Ford. The only reason this interests me is because Flanery's Indy and Ford's are so completely different that I would like to see how he develops into the Indy we all know. Also, there was a storyline proposed for the fourth season of Young Indy, which never happened, that would have seen Young Indy studying under Abner Ravenwood and first meeting and dating Marion. I think that could be a story worth seeing.