BREAKING NEWS: Chuck is back, V is back, FlashForward is as good as dead.

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The Hollywood Reporter (No, I've never heard of it before either. Must be a local Florida paper or something) is reporting that FlashForward, the ambitious, experimental, but ultimately not-very-good SF series on ABC is dead, dead, deadily-dead.

Did I say 'dead?' That's actually a bit premature. The story doesn't actually *Say* FF is dead, but it's "Unlikely to return," this after its initial episode order was already whittled down by several hours several months back.

NBC renewed "Chuck," for a standard 13-episode renewal with an option to pick up the back 9 if it performs well in the ratings. Vastly more surprising is the decision to renew "V" for a second year. The show has been fairly disappointing overall (Both in terms of critics and ratings), but has shown some gradual growth over the last sweeps period. V, too, was given a standard 13-episode renewal order. This is actually more surprising, since it, too, had it's initial episode order for this season whittled back a bit around the same time Flash Forward did also.

This might mark a change in strategy for ABC, who've been pretty good about giving genre shows full-season orders up front in the wake of V's oddball success, but having not yet pulled in a second hit in five years of doing that, I think we can safely guess that era's at an end, and it's back to business as usual for us geeks.

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