BREAKING NEWS: Caprica is Officially Cancelled

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Coming as a surprise to no one, Caprica has been officially cancelled by Syfy. Never a huge ratings draw, viewership dropped from a premier-high of about 1.6 million viewers to a bit below 1.2 million during the initial run of nine episodes, rebounding a bit towards the end of that run.

Since the mid-season break, the show has been bleeding ratings like a stuck pig, dropping nearly a half-million viewers. The episode last week hit 718,000 viewers, and the ratings for the episode that aired last night aren't available online yet, but I'm expecting the overnights were even lower.

The show is officially dead, and will be pulled immediately from the Tuesday night lineup, which is bad for fans, but good for me since I had three shows to cover that night, and it was murder on my Carpal Tunnel. Just the same, I'm sad to see it go. I liked the show, though it was wildly uneven, and particularly off-balance for episodes 10-12. The long, slow, sad decline of the RDM Galacticaverse continues apace.

The final five (Ha!) episodes will be burned off at some point early next year.

The fact that we were seeing episodes now actually probably represented a temporary stay of execution. Initially, Syfy had intended to burn off the final nine next year, *after* the contracts for the cast had expired. Showing them in October probably meant they'd decided to give the series a second shot.

Ah well. It was a hard sell anyway, pitching a Galactica series in which the things people liked about Galactica were almost wholly absent. Better luck to 'em with their "Young Adama at War" project next year.