Book Review: “The Breach” by Patrick Lee (2009)

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Ex-cop and ex-con, Travis Chase, is in the Alaskan wilderness when he stumbles on a wrecked 747. Upon investigation, Chase discovers all the passengers have been murdered including the First Lady. In her hand is a note that will send Chase on a wild and fast paced ride.

“The Breach” is the debut novel from Patrick Lee. It is a mixture of 24 and Fringe with a little X-Files sprinkled in. The novel is fast paced and gripping.

Due to the note, Chase goes looking for hostages. He finds a woman and man being tortured for information. He rescues the woman, Paige Campbell, but the man is executed before chase arrives to help. The man was Paige’s father. Chase tries to get Paige back to a settlement, however, he they are being pursued by an assassin with an invisibility suit. Chase is able to detect and out smart the assassin.

Paige is an agent of Tangent, located in a secret facility in Wyoming. Tangent is a secret government entity that is tasked with protecting and investigating the breach. The breach is a rip in the space time continuum that was caused by an experiment gone wrong 30 years ago. Items periodically pass through the breach and Tangent investigates each entity to determine if it is harmful, useful or ineffectual to mankind.

The co-founder & a traitor of Tangent, Aaron Pilgrim, is the villain. He is the leader of an opposing organization that is using an object from the breach for nefarious purposes. The object, known as the “Whisper”, can predict a person’s next move, sometimes months or longer in advance. Pilgrim’s goal is to take over Tangent and use the breach and its object for his own purposes.

Paige and Chase journey around the world in search of Pilgrim. The adventure takes them from Alaska to Wyoming to Zurich. There is a lot of action and killing that occurs as they chase Pilgrim.

With the villain defeated and the world safer once again, a big twist occurs. Turn away if you don’t want to know…

Last chance…

Ok, here it goes. The Whisper device was created by a human, but not just any human. It was developed by the future Travis Chase. He created the device and then used the breach to send it back in time. Paige also sent something back in time through the breach. Future Paige sent back a note saying to kill Chase before he becomes responsible for the death of millions. Present Chase finds the note but doesn’t share it with Paige.

I am not sure what the note refers to but it seems from the occurrences in the book that chase is not going in that direction. Maybe that is the point; as Doc brown says “your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.”

Lee’s writing is fast paced and gripping. Lee provides enough detail that you can truly imagine you are there. The science behind the technology and the breach is just enough to be plausible but not too much to make you question its believability.

It was actually Glenn Beck that turned me on to this book and ultimately the series. The book was advertising on Beck’s show. Glenn said he enjoyed the book, it sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a try. I am glad I did.

Will Conservatives Like It?

I don’t see why not. Nothing offensive, just a fast paced, enjoyable read.