The Battlestar Galactica Auction

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There's a chance that even though many of you may lack the full-on OCD geekery I proudly parade, you might just be geeky enough to appreciate some aspects of this:

As anyone who hasn't filtered the commercials from their DVR is doubtless aware, now that filming on the Galactica series has wrapped, and they've struck the sets and everything, the studio decided to auction all the stuff from the show off, as they've got no further use for it.

I don't intend to buy any of it, and I'm sure you've got no interest in that either, *however* this PDF file has some really good quality photos of the stuff that's up for sale, and it's kind of fascinating to get a really good look at a lot of tiny details that have been visible through the show's run, but which are generally too small or mobile or whatever to make out the details of. Rank pins, signage, control consoles, uniforms, pictures on Adama's desk, various set decorations, hell - there's an entire Raptor for sale in here! It's all kind of neat to be able to get a good solid look at these things for once, and also to see how they all fit together. And as with any long-running production of this kind, the level of detail they put in to stuff is sometimes completely amazing (Boxes of salt from colonial Salt manufacturers) , and sometimes pretty laughable (Tyrol's toolbox, for instance, obviously just came from sears), and sometimes sort of neatly in between. (Adama's lighter, for instance, which looks all cool and science fictiony is actually a 1930s Art Deco lighter that the art director picked up at a flea market for $10 and had engraved)

There are some mild spoilers here and there in the descriptions for some of these pieces which could be a problem if you're not current with the story, but if you're not up to speed, just don't read it. That's probably not a real issue anyway.

Big PDF file here:
just scroll through it to see all the purty pictures!

And if anyone wants to buy me anything from the show - perhaps "Felix Gaeta's Bloodied Retractable Stabbing Pen" - you're more than welcome to do so.

(Curiously, there's no Colonial currency for sale here, though. WTH?)