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Recently the Modern Conservative website approached us about maybe doing a bit of guest-blogging for them. Starting this weekend, we began doing that, and some of our content will be turning up on their site three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), along with the occasional editorial from Republibot 2.0 (Who's contributing there under a pseudonym here )

Most of the M/W/F content will be stuff that originated on our site, but didn't get the exposure we felt it called for, such as our first article there or it'll be stuff that originated on our site, but has been re-tailored to fit in with their site, as with this almost-unrecognizably dance remixed article here


Well, difference in focus, really: Modcon is first and foremost a republican political site. I'm not going to say they have little or no interest in SF, except as an aspect of the "Culture Wars," but, frankly, the misadventures of aliens on fictional spaceships in a fictional war against a fictional enemy in a fictional universe that bears little resemblance to our own is, obviously, kind of a sideline to them at best. Conversely, Republibot is first, foremost, and always a Science Fiction site, albeit a politically and socially conservative one. We're about the genre, about making people think, we're not all in-your-face about our politics. It's just not seemly.

So this is a huge opportunity that Modcon has presented us with, really: We can introduce them more adequately to SF and why it matters, R2 has a place to publish his hard right manifestos that (We both agree) would be inappropriate here, and of course it gives us a great source of new exposure for the site. Check it out when you get a chance.

So thanks and greetings to our new friends and allies at Modern