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My own beliefs on Global Warming are kind of heterodox: I *do* believe it happens, but I *don't* believe humans are causing it. I think it's a natural phenomenon that is part of the wax and wane of the natural world for the last three million years, and I *don't* really think it's happening now.

That's my not-terribly-learned opinion. I know a lot of you are far more convinced it's total fantasy than I am. I'm not sure how much knowledge or research any of us have put into the question, though, and it's always a good thing to know more scientific stuff. Science is swell. Science is our friend.

Kristine N. is *also* our friend, and coincidentally she's a scientist! She's kindly offered to take our questions and discuss the issue with our readers in an effort to facilitate understanding, spread knowledge, remove misinformation, and so forth.

Will this resolve the issue? Likely not, but I think it'll be fascinating just the same.

What I'd like you folks to do is to email me question ( ) or simply post 'em in the replies below. I'll forward them to Kristine, who'll then answer them publicly here on the site.

I want *real* questions, folks! I don't want insults, I don't want goofball tautologies. I want polite, serious, professional questions, but I'd like 'em to be toughies! Come up with the best, hardest, most specific questions you can, because this has the potential to be really, really interesting.