"Alphas:" A brief introduction to the series

Jim Stiles
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The television program ALPHAS is an urban fantasy program about people who are called Alphas. Alphas are people gifted with special abilities that most people only dream of having.

One Alpha has the gift of extraordinary strength that comes when he gets angry. The other members on the Alpha team appear to be afraid that he will keel over with a heart attack or a stroke one of these days. Another Alpha has the magical ability to read wireless internet signals and other electromagnetic phenomena. Still another Alpha has the ability to manipulate human emotions in most people that she can establish eye contact with. In one of the opening scenes in the pilot, she compels a traffic policeman to eat the ticket that he was about to give her. She apparently also has a criminal record. The romantic lead of the series is an Alpha with a superhuman ability as a marksman and exceptional athletic prowess. He also has a criminal background and joined the group during the pilot. The leader of the group is an elderly doctor with no apparent Alpha talent but keeps the members of group from killing each other and leads the group in solving crimes that baffle the police. The leader answers to a police detective who gives the group crimes to solve, sometimes without all of the available information.

Is this science fiction or fantasy? While brain scans and other technological tools were used in the pilot, the displayed talents were such that this show is definitely fantasy.


I don’t see why not.

Overall, I think this series is worth a viewing. The pilot will be replayed by Syfy several times this week.