Adventures in Editing

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It will no doubt come as no surprise to the regular readers of our little blog here to realize that I don’t edit. Basically, I sit down, I have an idea, and I vomit up great cataracts of effluvial verbiage, and then I’m done. Sometimes, if I’ve got time to kill, I might correct the spelling afterwards. I never fix the grammar, however, because I really don’t understand grammar rules in the first place.

Sometimes this works great, as with my “Superheroes are Gay” and “Little Note Nor Long Remember” and “Just Moments Before The End of the Age” stories, or that whole “Sexwater” thing from my Man from Atlantis reviews. Sometimes it goes horribly, horribly wrong, as with my first Battlestar Galactica review. Sometimes it really can’t be helped, as with the reviews of current shows, since I’m in a mad rush to get ‘em up ASAP after the episode ends. But whether it works or fails, it’s all basically stream-of-consciousness with me, effectively one step down on the artistic ladder from Performance art or Mime (Because both of those at least get you out of the house).

I’ve generally resisted cleaning up my bloggery because I kind of like the “Straight from my brain to your toilet with a minimum of self-censorship and artifice.” I like trusting my instincts and I dislike second-guessing them because I’ve got decades of proof that if I *do,* I end up never actually accomplishing anything.

That said, I do tend to go on quite a bit, and as I’ve already admitted, sometimes it just goes horribly horribly wrong (Generally when I can’t wrestle my OCD under control).

My friend MOATMAI has recently suggested that my problem isn’t content, but that the good stuff is getting buried in the dross. In essence, he says that I’m padding out the good bits with so many indifferent bits where I’m sorting things out for myself while writing it that it’s an inefficient delivery system for my cooler Republibotian moments of highly-unreliable brilliance. He also said that ten page reviews for 44 minute episodes are rather intimidating to the average reader (Not to say you guys are average), and tend to scare folks off, and that it’s less strain on the readers if I trim the fat a bit.

So I’m going to give it a try. For the next few weeks, I’ll be writing stuff, letting it sit for a bit, and then trimming it down. Please let me know if you feel this kind of literary captivity is working well, or if you prefer the more traditional Free Range Republibot 3.0.