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Because I have a life, I missed the first half of Smallville tonight… and my primitive time shifting equipment malfunctioned badly. Soo, we're going to see how much I can figure out from just watching the last half of the episode. Don't worry folks (and those of you who use my reviews for the recaps…. welcome!) I'll watch the whole episode online when it's posted and update this… We'll see how close I get!

Oliver is obviously being tested in some way by a character named Victoria… and it looks like a game of death. Lois is playing girl hostage… and suddenly it's a lot more game than death.

Ollie confronts Chloe… she set up the whole thing with the Justice League to draw the Green Arrow out of the drunk. It appears to have worked.

In the meantime, Clark has discovered that the Kryptonian assassin (remember her from the season premiere?) is Kandorian and that she may not be alone--- no, she's definitely not alone.

Green Arrow is back on the rooftops, looking for trouble- Clark joins him. Ollie ridicules Clark's makeshift proto-Superman outfit as 'lacking color'. They then strike heroic poses and wait for the completely uninformative scenes from next week.

I'm very VERY glad that the 'Ollie in the gutter' subplot is finally resolved. There's only so much whiney drunk superhero I can take before it gets really tedious. Besides, happy go lucky Oliver is much more fun as a contrast to slightly broody Clark.

Chloe really manipulated things here, didn't she? She still has a good chunk of the Braniac tactical genius working, doesn't she?

I'm rather enthusiastic for the remainder of the season- the same people who brought us the excellent … game changing, even, 'Legion' episode is bringing us 'Society'- a Justice Society episode featuring Michael Shanks as Hawkman.

Yeah. That's going to be fun, I think.

What do you think?