Episode Review: V – Heretic's Fork (Season 1, Episode 9)

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Hey, how about this? I am only a week late with this recap. And I actually feel kinda bad for being slow on this one, because it seems like the producer’s are finally starting to get a sense of balance to what they have going on. Anyway, let’s deal with that in a bit, first let’s share what the all seeing Comcast has to say for this week’s episode: “Chad deals with his aneurysm on the mother ship; Ryan confesses to Val that he is a visitor; Erica, Father Jack and Hobbes try to protect the Fifth Column.”

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Play by Play

In the Intro – Our desperately trying to be endearing resistance cell interrogate the human assassin they captured at the end of last week’s show. Ryan confesses to his human girlfriend Val that he is a “V” which she, rightfully so, doesn’t take very well. Anna welcomes on board the first live aboard candidates and then is notified that there is a half-human and half-“V” baby out there gestating – she gets all steely eyed and orders the parents captured and brought to the Mother-ship. Ryan and Val are then quickly tracked down to her apartment where Ryan quickly dispatches of the two “V” intruders, however, he cuts one of their faces open and Val sees the lizardy skin underneath and then proceeds to start gagging uncontrollably and puking everywhere... ok, the puking part didn't happen, but it is definitely what would have happened in real life.

In Father Jack’s World – Again, Father Jack has very little to do in this episode other than to tag along and look congenitally constipated.

In Erica’s World – Erica tries to talk to her ungrateful son, but he gets all huffy and superior and takes off. She then tracks down the wife of the assassin that they are holding and finds out that his quadriplegic daughter had been cured by the “V”. She then snoops around in the house and finds a hard drive that should contain all the names of the remaining Fifth Columnists. Later Lisa, the hottie blondie “V” daughter of Anna that is macking on the ungrateful son drops by. She tries to tell Wasteland that she doesn’t think it is a good idea at this time for him to join the live aboard program. He naturally blames Erica and storms off promising that he is going to live on that ship.

In Party of Five’s World – Chad goes onto the Mother-ship with his camera crew and documents them healing his possible future brain aneurysm. He wakes with Anna waiting for him and she tricks him into beginning an investigation into who is behind the Fifth Column resistance. He then tracks down Father Jack and tells him he doesn’t trust Anna and is trying to connect with the Fifth Column.

In Anna's World – Anna sees the unborn hybrid as a threat to their survival, the baby can have human emotions, so she wants to find out how it happened and wants it dead. Anna tells Lisa that she is going to have Teenage Wasteland join the live aboard program. Then she meets with Joshua, the kind hearted Chief “V” physician who is also the center of the on board “V” resistance, and her personal secretary dude who I don’t know his name, and tells them that they need to release a soldier V to track down Ryan and Val and get the unborn hybrid child.

In Ryan’s World – Ryan takes Val to the recurring hottie “V” Ob/Gyn where she lets them know that she got a vitamin shot while at the24 hour Universal “V” Healthcare place. The recurring hottie “V” Ob/Gyn gives her a shot of something that she designed to block the “V”’s ability to track her. Ryan calls Erica and tells her that he is out of the resistance, he is taking Val somewhere safe. But the soldier “V” finds where they are anyway. Surprisingly after the big build-up to how dangerous they are he ends up looking just like all of the regular “V” in human face. The soldier “V” stalks Ryan and Val in the hidey house like a ninja, only with weird eyesite effects – but even in this scene he still looks like a Middle School science teacher. Luckily Erica, Hobbes and Jack show up in the nick of time. Then Val tells Ryan she never wants to see him again and leaves with the recurring hottie “V” Ob/Gyn on a train.

In Hobbes World – Hobbes gets to get a little bit of his sadist on in this episode, he tortures the assassin for information, and he gets to bury an axe into a Soldier “V”. Plus it feels like they are finally figuring out how to fit his character into the overall arc without the whole thing feeling too forced.


Cons – I hate that the “V” are so technologically advanced that they can’t even monitor human cell phone communications. Seriously, the resistance conducts all of their communications on un-encrypted cell phones, and even if they were encrypted I am pretty sure there it wouldn’t be too hard for the “V” to hack it all. Also, do you know how you know what the main point is that the producer’s want to emphasize in each episode? They have a minimum of two different characters recited the exact same line. F’r’instance in this episode: “Name one bad thing that the V have done since they arrived. You can’t can you? You can’t do it!” So, my suspicion is that we aren’t too far from Anna making a bad faux pas that will be hard for the “V” to cover-up. Plus, Teenage Wasteland is still a totally lame plot line and I just wish they would let it go.

Pros – Surprisingly, it is starting to feel like they don’t have quite as many competing character plot lines going on anymore. It actually feels like we are getting an opportunity to actually invest a bit into the plight of individual characters. Up to this point it has felt that the producers had more story than they could easily fit into the short season they had in front of them, but now it feels like they are taking a bit of a breather and letting things build rather than rushing into it. And finally, it was good finally to get the sense that the writers are seeming to finally realize that people are going to logically get hurt based on the premise they are working with and that they need to let our “heroes” make hard choices that don’t include a lot of crying and endless self-doubt.

Anyway, there we go – almost caught up. Did you agree, disagree, didn’t care, cared too much to talk about? Sound off in the comments.