1998--The Year The World Was Saved

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Remember 1998?

Remember The Clinton Administration? Windows 98? The Dot Com Boom?

Dial up Modems were top notch. Burning CDs was hot new technology

DVDs were just coming out. The Spice Girls were in the charts. "Seinfeld" was finishing its run on TV. “Saving Private Ryan” and “Armageddon” were the top films. People were building "Y2K Shelters" in their back yards. Google was brand new and AOL was the big 800 pound Gorilla of the Internet.

That was the year that The World Was Saved.

That was the year that Global Warming Ended.

There has been no statistically significant Global Warming for 15 years.

The New York Times even admitted it, though they sound like people who predicted The Rapture
the day after it was supposed to have happened:

"But given how much is riding on the scientific forecast, the practitioners of climate science would like to understand exactly what is going on. They admit that they do not, even though some potential mechanisms of the slowdown have been suggested. The situation highlights important gaps in our knowledge of the climate system, some of which cannot be closed until we get better measurements from high in space and from deep in the ocean."

You know all those people who have insulted you for the past 15 years? Called you "Moron" or "Foxtard" or "Denier" and accused you of not understanding science?
The people who said that Humanity was a bunch of Germs and needed to be culled to protect Nature?

Don't expect an apology.

Here are the links. Enjoy.

New York Times: What to make of A Climate Change Plateau

NASA: The Ups and Downs of Global Warming.