Doctor Who returns tonight

Doctor Who begins its 7th season (or 33rd, depending on who's doing the counting) tonight. In preparation for this year's confrontations with Daleks, Dinosaurs and Weeping Angels (oh, my!), the Beeb has produced this webseries- entitled "Pond Life".

I will have my review of "Asylum of the Daleks" up as soon as possible after the US airing.


WEBSERIES: “Pioneer One”

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Generally I’ve been covering standalone web series and super-hyper-indie films like “Man’s Conquest of Space” and “Iron Sky” under our “Fan Film Friday” column, but I think that’s kind of doing a disservice, since these things are all inherently standalones, and not “Fanish” in any way.

I think we’re going to start covering them independently to give them the exposure they deserve, and - since they’re not actually Fan Films - I think we’ll probably review them as well.


NEWS:Ridley and Tony Scott to make 'Blade Runner' Prequel Webseries

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Tony, Ridley and Luke Scott announced that a new division of Ridley's RSA films would be producing a prequel webseries to the cult fave Blade Runner.

That alone would be remarkable news and worth the 'Bot's notice... however, it gets more interesting.

They will be writing the series by culling input from Friendfeed and releasing it under a Creative Commons license.


Phase II Crew takes on Buck Rogers

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According to a story on TrekMovie.com (beware, minor Phase II spoilers...), James Cawley of Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II and his production company has acquired the rights to do a web series based on "Buck Rogers". This iteration of the venerable hero is to be set in it's original mileu and concept: Buck Rogers is (again!) a WWI pilot who awakes from suspended animation in the 25th Century.


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