Episode Review: V – Pound of Flesh (Season 1, Episode 6)

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Welcome back my fellow V-ites. According to our ever handy Comcast program synopsis, on tonight’s very special episode of “V”: Anna launches a pilot program to allow select groups of humans to live on the spaceships; Tyler uncovers a secret about his mom; Valerie’s accelerated pregnancy becomes an issue for Ryan; a sacrifice is made to save Ryan.

Before we get started I just wanted to be honest and state for the record that I question how good of a reviewer I am for this show, because I honestly don’t like it. It is painful to sit through. It has a terrible pacing problem. The story feels like it was written by a secluded writer suffering from Michael Bay syndrome. It just jumps around wantonly every 5 seconds. Lost has a ton of storylines that it is juggling but I always feel like they take the appropriate amount of time that each character requires. V on the other hand feels like the whole story is being told in short hand.

Anyway, enough of my whining – let’s get down the reason you are most likely here, right after the jump.


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