What I'd like to see as the next big rage in 'monsters'

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We’ve all watched the long (LONG) run that Vampires had as a fiction device. Vampires have had a run from Lumley’s foes of the Necroscope to Rice’s pretty, Interview vampires to Meyer’s sparkly Twilight vampires and everything else sandwiched between Stoker’s Dracula and The Vampire Academy. Of late, we’ve borne witness to a newly risen (OMG! I couldn’t resist it. I tried. Couldn’t!), relentless and unstoppable new staple monster. Yep. I'm talking about Zombies.


BOOK REVIEW: "I Am Legend" (1954 Novella) By Richard Matheson

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Three movies have been made (at least) directly inspired by Richard Matheson's classic novella (longer than a short story, shorter than a novel) "I Am Legend". Nobody really has gotten it "right" in the sense of not adding or subtracting significantly from the original. I'll touch on the story elements first then do a bit on the movies and how they changed things.


Vampires Beware!

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Last week, a woman in Fruita, Colorado (official motto: “No, we’re not that frozen drink at Taco Bell”), was in a one car wreck caused by, she told authorities, a vampire. According to the woman—who didn’t want her identity published, for reasons I’m sure we can all understand—she was just driving home when suddenly there was a vampire, right in the middle of the road.


MOVIE REVIEW: "Daybreakers"

So far, most vampire movies have had one thing in common: whether their vampires were suave villians, heartsick romantics, ratty-looking things, or whiny teenagers, it was that they were usually the minority. But Daybreakers breaks that convention and instead makes them the majority and us, the mortal humans, the minority.

What would that world be like?



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Yes. Twilight is not Science Fiction.

However, in this short essay before Science Fiction University goes on Winter Break, we'll use this brief foray into fantasy to illustrate an aspect of heroism that has been shoved aside lately:the concept of the Chaste Hero.

Is this important? It may be more important than you think...

Here is Dr. Starr, after the jump.


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