EPISODE REVIEW: Falling Skies: "Live and Learn" (Episode 1)

Okay, let’s get the elephant in this room out of the way up front. Steven Spielberg is involved here (executive producer), so it’s not going to suck eggs. It’s going to meet minimum professional standards for television and not embarrass itself trying to go the bathroom. So there’s that.


So what was up with the crazy episode order in “Crusade” anyway?

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As you know, the Crusade episodes were broadcast out of order, hampered by the fact that some planned 'inbetween' episodes were never filmed, and that whole damn uniform thing confounding stuff.
This is made even worse by JMS's dvd collection, which shows them in an order JMS said was his intention, but appears to be little-better than random, and ignore the uniform changes, and dubbing a couple extra lines of dialog.
My own order for the eps, based on internal clues and external logic placed 'em in this order:
0- "A Call To Arms" (The movie)



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