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Worthwhile Webcomics: Dawn of Time, by Michael Stearns

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Here's a cute little comic about a plucky cave girl, her pet triceratops, and some eccentric, time-travelling Victorians.

Clearly, check your sense of reality at the door.



ORIGINAL FICTION: Second Time Around, Pt. 1

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This is an excerpt from a series of stories I've written based on the Russian fairy-tale character of Koschey the Deathless.

In the series, "The Prisoner Of Time," Kazhi is a Persian con artist and hack wizard who was made immortal by being doused in the blood of the dragon Tiamat when he helped King Marduk of Babylon find and slay her. Three thousand years later, Kazhi invents a time machine, which gets him hauled in for breaking the laws of the Nine Gods of the Elements. Condemned to destruction, Kazhi escapes and becomes trapped in Arthurian-era France, having to go through history all over again--alongside his earlier self.


BOOK REVIEW: “The Shroud of the Thwacker” by Chris Elliot (2005)

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I’m a big fan of Chris Elliot. I think. I generally *say* that I am, and more than that I generally *think* that I am, and I’m *pretty* sure that I am, but occasionally - through no fault of his own - I can’t remember why. Then I doubt. Then time passes, workaday life makes my doubts fade, and I’m a fan again, until something causes me to dwell on it, then the doubts remain. The thing that (mostly) convinces me I’m a fan despite my vacillation is that I’ve never said, “Oh, I hate him!”


Movie Review: Looper

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Okay, keeping the spoilers out of the bulk, so feel free to read whether you've seen the film yet or not. First off, Looper makes a good first impression by having a very solid and believable vision of the future. I wouldn't call it quite hard sci-fi, but it jibed with my sensibilities a lot better than most. It's fun to look at societies and technologies that are fundamentally and wildly different from the ones we have now, but it's ludicrous to suggest that this is the way the future is actually going to happen. Since most future-focused movies claim to make exactly this suggestion in their exposition, that's the lens I tend to inspect them with.


Alcatraz: "Guy Hastings" (Season 1, Episode 5)

So here’s the deal—this episode did not leave me cynical about the worth of human existence. It’s ridiculous and improbable, yes. But it didn’t fill me with disgust. They finally broke their pattern, and the results were downright tolerable. We learned more this episode than we’ve learned in all the previous four combined.


Alcatraz: "Cal Sweeney" (Season 1, Episode 4)

So much like our criminals of the week, Alcatraz now has an established MO. We start with a criminal perpetrating his particular criminal shtick in lurid detail. Then we go to the credits. Then we proceed with a most unholy trinity of crisscross story structure: (1) criminal goes about his spree, (2) Madsen and Soto track him, and (3) we see criminal’s flashback story at Alcatraz. Spice with obligatory sadism and end with the arrest, followed by a final minute hinting at some deep mystery. The narrative spine, such as it is, seems to be the general grumpiness of Sam Neil.



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