REALSPACE: Terraforming is not an option

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Today I'm going to talk about why Terraforming is not an option. Terraforming, of course, is the process of changing a planet into an earthlike one that can support an ecosystem and human life just like earth can. This is often put forward as the goal of space colonization, most frequently with regard to the planet Mars.



FAN FILM...SATURDAY? Abiogenesis

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Very late update today, sorry...here's a short CGI film that shows how "terraforming" might be done, given a few hundred more years of technology.  I'd suggest this was a Transformers fan film because of the way the device(s) work, but it's really rather orginial for all that.


Real Science: Can We Survive On Mars?

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One thing that people seem to be overlooking, when they imagine humanity terraforming another planet, is that the operative word is "Terra." We developed adapted to the organic and chemical composition of Earth. Our guts need microflora found only on our own planet.

So how are we going to survive on another planet?



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