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OPINION:God and Network Television

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In a recent interview on Newsarama, producers Michael (Kings) Green and Marc (Eli Stone) Guggenheim blamed part of their show's problems on God. Okay, to be more accurate, they said that the networks didn't know how to market shows that had God as a major part of the storyline.

They go on to say that although creatively, they had very few problems with the networks, the networks marketing departments couldn't figure out how to market shows that were so far outside the box regarding divine presence.


22, 20, 16, or 13? How short of a TV season are you willing to tolerate to get your geek buzz?

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For as long as I can remember - and probably a lot longer - American television seasons have been creeping downward. A more-or-less standard broadcast season is presently 22 episodes, and that seems more-or-less about fine to me. I don’t complain. However a lot of my older friends can’t wrap their brain around how *Few* episodes shows crank out per year, now, however. The first season of Star Trek consisted of 29 episodes. The Wild Wild West’s first season did 28. The first season of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea did an amazing *Thirty Two!*


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